Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just added...Clayton Marcus + New Lamps!

We are excited to have some great new introductions to start 2009. Clayton Marcus, which is a great line of upholstered furniture is our biggest intro. Clayton Marcus offers traditional and upscale upholstery that is all made in the USA. The look lends itself to traditional and eclectic styles. It adds a great new element to the studio because of the increased fabric options and expansive custom options available (tassles, ability to collage different fabrics, bullion fringe, etc.)

We have also received a lot of new lamps! Most of the lamps are ceramic and colorful with a nice mix of contemporary and traditional. We always offer "Try On Approval" in case there is a lamp or any other item in the studio that you would like to try before you buy. It makes a huge difference, seeing an item in your room and how it ties in with your decor.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Size Does Matter!

One common problem our clients have when looking for furniture is....finding furniture that fits. Furniture manufacturers have not always been the best listeners and have produced a lot of oversized, over-fluffed stuff. Even with today's larger great rooms and open floor plans, we are finding clients that want to have flexibility and options in their room. Smaller-scaled pieces are the answer to this furniture design dilemma.

If you are looking for a sofa, there are several great options in the 80" and under category. This can include traditional, contemporary and even casual styles. The best feature of many of the 80" and under sofas is that you don't have to sacrifice any seating space. In most cases, the seating space is comparable to 90-95" sofas.

Sectionals are another great option because it gives you control over the amount of seating, contour of the piece and also the overall size.

If you are having trouble finding something that fits, don't give up! Here is a great link to the Mini-Mod section of the Rowe website which has some great small-scaled options.