Saturday, July 25, 2009

How to shop for furniture

Shopping for new furniture can be exhausting. You could go store to store trying to find the perfect pieces for your space and still find nothing you like. So how do you find exactly what you are looking for? Here are a few practical ideas to help you enjoy shopping and find the right pieces of furniture to fit your home and lifestyle.
First, you need to decide what you really need. Measure the space and figure out if what you want is actually possible. You may want a sofa, but the space will only hold a loveseat or a pair of chairs. Make sure you write the measurements down so you can take them with you when you shop. The next thing you need to do is to set a budget. If you start looking without a price in mind, it will be very discouraging when you find a piece you cannot afford.
The next step is to do some research. Find the websites to furniture manufacturers and see what they have to offer. You will be able to see what styles they have and you can eliminate the companies that do not have what you are looking for. Learn everything you can without leaving your home. If you find a piece you like, it will usually have the dimensions, fabric, and finish choices. Locate a store in your area that carries that line of furniture.
Now it is time to see the product in person. If the store you visit does not have the exact piece you wanted, you can still evaluate the quality of the line, pick out fabrics and finishes, and get an idea if it is something you would want. Fine furniture stores will create room settings so you can get a feel of what it will look like in a room. Just remember that furniture showrooms are very spacious with tall ceilings and no sidewalls. Keep the scale of your own room in mind. Get decorating ideas from the professionals. Many fine furniture stores will offer design services. Have someone come out to your home and they can help you find the perfect piece for your room as well as arranging accessories you may already have to create a new space. Be sure to talk to the sales people. They can help you with your decision and may have something in mind that they could order for you.
A furniture store will not have every piece that a company makes on the floor but they can order it. Look at the fabric options available for that company and take a few home with you to see them in the room. Some furniture stores will allow you to even take small furniture pieces and accessories home on approval. You can try it without putting any money down and if you do not like it, just bring it right back without the hassle. Buying furniture is a big expense, so you should end up with exactly what you want. By following these guidelines, shopping for furniture will be much easier and you will be happy with the results.