Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How Designers Rip People Off

Wow! That's harsh, isn't it? What do you mean designers rip people off?

There are more bad interior designers out there than good ones. "Bad Designers" are more concerned with how much profit they make on your project, instead of focusing on your goals and needs. The "Good Designers" that work we work with on a daily basis have a genuine interest in helping people first. Making a good living comes from the helping people part.

Here are few ways you can know that your interior designer is working on your behalf:

Is your billing up front and detailed?
You should know exactly what your paying for when it comes to their services and the items you buy. Generic billing quotes and vague figures are not good enough.

Ask for a list of referrals and previous clients that you can contact.
A good designer will be excited to have you contact previous clients. At least 3 past clients would be preferred.

Does your designer exhibit integrity?
Does your designer do what he or she says they are going to do? Integrity is a lost value in our society, but the good ones still maintain it as one of the golden rules.

We hope this post is helpful to you in some way. Remember, your home is your castle, and the people who help furnish and design it should be just as invested in the outcome as you. Good luck!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

When Did Average Become Acceptable?

When you furniture shop, why does every store look the same? Do ever notice the same overstuffed sofa in every store you walk into? Even as an Alpha Male, I notice it. We are losing our sense of uniqueness and individuality. The internet and media tells us what we should buy, how we should dress, and what our home should look like.

My belief is--just because they're talking, doesn't mean we have to listen. Your home and style should be all your own. When you come home at the end of the day, you should feel a sense of pride in what YOU created. It shouldn't have to be average, and it shouldn't be because somebody told you so.

Don't be afraid to create a feel and environment that truly represents you, and your family. It's great to get ideas, but make sure it's what you enjoy, not what someone else deems as "right for you."