Friday, September 12, 2008


I cannot believe the progress that has been made already! It is truly amazing to see how much of an accomplishment was made overnight. Wednesday night I went to see the house and returned again on Thursday morning. Last night the roof line was starting to take shape and in 14 hours or so all of the shingles were on, the siding was on three sides of the house, a few windows were installed and the drywallers were waiting their turn to work. The stone for the front of the exterior was delivered, skilled tradesmen were mixing up stucco and spectators were in awe.

While I was there, I spoke to Aaron Frisch's mother, who has been there around the clock to witness this wonderful dream house being built for her son and his family. It was great talking with her and seeing how excited and appreciative she is for this opportunity. It's such a great feeling knowing that you are involved in a project that will change a deserving family's life. The community involvement is spectacular. It is amazing to see all the different skills and talents of the individuals volunteering and also the number of people that have stepped up to the challenge of coming together and making a difference is unbelievable.

The excitement is "building" around the store as we prepare for the big day on Saturday of moving in the furniture. It doesn't seem real that we are going to be a big part of making this house a home by adding the personal touches and comfortable furnishings. Everyone is anticipating the completion of the home as we play our part in the Extreme Makeover project.

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