Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wednesday Night!!

Wednesday night was full of excitement and wonder! It is hard to believe that just hours ago they were working on the basement and now the structure of the home is complete! Seeing the blueprints we saw weeks ago come alive was amazing, it now has more meaning and emotion. It was also fun to hear individuals in the crowd guess and talk about what the rooms would be…some were close and others were really off!! Of course we would never tell!!!

Besides the structure coming to life it was also kids night. So the VIP area was filled with children having as much fun as the adults. The children were able to “build” projects just like mommy and daddy were doing.

When the sun went down the work continued. The large spotlights light the home like a Friday night football game, and the second shift workers carried on like nothing had changed. Paul DiMeo was around the whole evening to make sure everything was going as planned. Even though, we were not able to help that night, being around everyone and seeing the process makes Saturday (when we start Interiors) even more exciting!!

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